Welcome To The Farm

We are a small farm located in Belfast, Maine that breeds Nubian dairy goats for milk production, show and company. Whether you are looking for a great milker around your homestead, some wonderful milk to make cheese out of, something to show for you or a 4h program, or you're just looking for a cute and cuddly friend we've got you covered! Check out our does and bucks below!

All of our herd is tested for CAE, CL and Johnes disease annually to make sure that you are receiving a healthy, happy goat! We are also slowly testing all of our herd for G6-Sulfatase deficiency and also testing casein levels to make sure our goats have high protein levels in the milk they produce, making their milk the best for cheese making! It also makes it an excellent milk for just drinking on its own! Our goal is to eventually start up our own creamery so making sure our does or producing excellent milk is a huge goal of ours!

Our Does

All of our does are so special to us! Does we have in our breeding program that have good udders and milk production along with good body compisition will stay here on the farm with us their whole lives. That means that even after a doe has retired she will live out the rest of her life here with her family. Click on a doe to find out more information on her 

Our Bucks

Choosing a good buck is so important when it comes to making a great herd! A bucks genetics is passed onto all the kids in your herd so you want to make sure those genetics are ones you are happy with. We are so happy with the dams behind our bucks and hope to see wonderful things out of them! Click on a buck to find out more information on him